How to Find (and Buy) YOUR Aerial Photos

Easily Find YOUR Photos...

Go to your desired Location/Town gallery; either after clicking a Keyword (location's name or a ZIP code) from the lists in our 'Places/Locations' Names & ZIP Codes' page (found on the Navigation menu on the left), or through choosing a State (NY, NJ or CT, again, from the menu on the left). 

While inside a gallery, you can, either browse the thumbnails or the larger photos on the right (when you click on a thumbnail photo, it replaces the large photo on the right). Click on the large photo to make it even larger (then, below and to the right, click the icon for more viewing sizes). Click the [i] icon (below and to the right), for photo's information or to locate it on the map.


LOCATE your House on The Map... Scroll down till you reach the MAP; look for an icon (or a 'number' which represents more than one icon) closest to Your House's location. Each icon represents an aerial photo; clicking on one will open a small window with a thumbnail image. If you want to examine it further, click on a thumbnail; it will become the Chosen photo (on the right, replacing the previous one).

If you like a photo, click the 'BUY PHOTOS' button (to the right and above the photo). The rest we hope, is self explanatory; if not, and/or you have any questions or requests regarding the photographs themselves, please (before you purchase) contact me, the pilot/photographer through the Contact link in the navigation menu on the left. (My email address is also watermarked on each picture). You may also try to call, 206-923 9050, but I'm not next to that phone very often and you might need to leave a message.

For more help (from SmugMug, the people who created and maintain the server, and who are responsible for the purchase and fulfillment processes), try the following:

How do I buy prints?

Can I crop photos during checkout?

What's the Great Print Guarantee?

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